Top 10 - Strangest Shin Megami Tensei Designs

Day 5 - Ubu

A spider-monster that appears on Sado Island of the Niigata prefecture. It appears while making noises like a baby’s cry. Dead or abandoned babies sometimes transform into an Ubu. They grab onto passerby and kill them. If one grasps your leg, take off a shoe, throw it over your shoulder and yell, “This is your mother,” and it will disappear.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Compendium

Here, have a demon-spider-baby. No, I insist. Really.

Admittedly, Ubu’s interpretation is incredibly faithful to its origin story so there’s not a lot of room to talk about design choices.

The creature itself, Ubu, is one that speaks to a few primal fears in humans, I feel; perhaps a fear of losing a newborn, fear of spiders, fear of regret. The last one relates more to the cause of Ubu’s existence, rather than Ubu itself - in that the parents may regret having brought their child into the world. In other words, I find the premise for Ubu sounds like an older Japanese idea of trying to reinforce familial commitment.

Still - it’s a demon-spider-baby. Ubu’s one of the strangest demon designs I’ve seen, and that’s due to its surprisingly horrific myth.